Travel canceled: Can travel insurance help?

Imagine flying to South Korea to finally watch the K-pop girl for the first time. The concert map is purchased and you are ready to catch the fever and enjoy this unique and exceptional musical experience. Unfortunately, upon your arrival in Seoul, you were informed that for some reason the concert will not break.

What if you attend the Digital Start-up Conference in Berlin, but before you board the plane you are informed that for many reasons organizers are disabled and can not be beaten.

In case of cancellation, travel insurance can definitely help because it offers cover for canceled events.

In order for the claim to be valid, the following conditions must be met:

  • Cancellation of the event must be outside the control of the insured.

  • The event can not be held before returning to your country.

  • The organizer must give a written confirmation that the event has been canceled.

There are two (2) circumstances that may arise when availing this insurance coverage. These are:

  1. The event has been canceled before departure – If you have been notified before the event, the maximum amount per person is 400 pounds for unused event tickets and certain restrictions listed in the insurance policy covering unused travel arrangements such as flights, accommodation and excursions, as well as other travel-related travel costs.

  2. The event has been canceled after arrival at the destination country / city – In this case, up to 50% of travel costs and seven (7) days of accommodation will be covered by the insurance policy.

Since this is an additional wrap, make sure that your standard or comprehensive policy has this feature. If this does not happen, you can always contact the insurer to turn this feature on.

It is important to note that your request can not be considered if the event is rescheduled before the flight back home. Likewise, the insurance should only be compensated for by the organizers not compensating. The claim also does not include the cost of food and beverages, as it is a regular, recurring, daily cost.

To experience an event cancellation, especially the one you have financially and emotionally (significantly) invested in it, can be heart-breaking. That is why it is worthwhile to ensure that we are able to return our pre-payments after the occurrence of this cancellation, and this can be done through the purchase of the right travel insurance policy with the event canceling the cover.

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