The Benefits of Bible Study

You all possess at least one Bible if you are a Christian, however by just possessing one does not bring a Christian to maturity. It takes a whole lot of hard work and that refers to Bible study. As you all are aware that for all the hard work – there are definite benefits in the end. Benefits of Bible studies can be in the form of getting answers to your life’s problems, defending your Christian faith or building a foundation for an intimate prayer life with God. The most important and ultimate payoff of Bible study is that knowledge that leads to maturity and confidence of being a Christian.

Who doesn’t want answers, but not everyone knows where to find them. As Christians, you know where to find the answers, as it is just right in front of your eyes through Bible study. All scriptures are inspired by God and are valuable sources for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness. Thus, if you have a question about anything like tattoos or body piercing, you have the answers there. While most of you often wonder how to raise and discipline your children, you don’t have to worry as there are many places in scripture that address these matters in addition to a number of stories that furnish you with give varied examples of good and bad parenting.

When you come before God in prayer, try to spend more time in listening to his words rather than spending time in always asking God for things or complaining in front of him. That is what Bible study aims to do for us. Bible study is the only way in which the Christians can defend the Christian faith properly. This also represents the power of your prayer life. Place your complete faith in God, and witness how life changes afterwards.

Don’t Let Vanity get the Better Of You – It’s A Vice And A Deadly Sin

The Bible tells us of the 7 deadly sins. And in the modern world with all its distractions it can often be easy to be lead astray into decadence.

You are surrounded by advertising that can sell you on ideas of how you should be rather than how God made you. And for girls especially, held up in front of the ideals set up as “perfection” by a celebrity culture it can often be very hard not to judge themselves.

More recently in the US and around the world this has even meant “going under the knife” to find the perfect looks. Below we explore the options other than taking plastic surgery to enhance the looks God gave you so that you can feel satisfied in His love

Do What Your Mother Did For  for Natural Beauty

Take what you have, make the best of it, and rather than trying to change it – just enhance it. Do you remember your mother using night cream to keep her looking young and beautiful – the natural way?

With all of the anti-aging creams and anti-wrinkle creams on the market there has to be some ingredient that makes them work so well, some gift of God through Mother Nature? The most common ingredients in these products are vitamin C and Anti-oxidants. Vitamin C is known to combat the aging process and helps heal the skin in a natural manner.

The anti-oxidants are great at protecting cells from damage that occurs to the skin over time. With these two ingredients combined, you can have healthy, beautiful skin in no time with these products. You will have to find the perfect cream for you, but it is out there!

Natural Beauty Creams VS Plastic Surgery.

If you are considering getting plastic surgery to make your face look younger, then you need to read this. There has been a recent surge in the best anti-aging anti-wrinkle cream products even for young girls. There is no reason to get expensive plastic surgery that will only cause you to spend more money every couple of years to repair it.

You can simply use the creams and get your face looking younger in no time at all. It is a safe, less expensive and natural way to improve your appearance. Look at your options for healthy, radiant skin you just might be surprised!

What Your Addictions Say About You

How To Quit Your Vices

Saying that you’re going to stop smoking and actually putting the process into motion are two completely different things. Anyone can say that they’ve had enough of the habit and that they can’t wait to get away from it, but is it really as easy as that? Well there’s actually a science behind smoking; an addiction to the chemical properties contained within each and every cigarette, which unless you’re willing to avoid at all costs, will drag you straight back into your smoking routine.

Nicotine has long been recognised as one of the most addictive substances on the planet, but what do you really know about this dried herb that leaves a sickly sweet aftertaste in your mouth? Well, nicotine itself is actually an alkaloid-based chemical that’s harvested from the nicotine plant; a member of the nightshade family. That’s correct; nicotine is actually a form of nightshade – the poisonous plant that can put an end to most living things that are unfortunate enough to consume it. Although not quite as potent as nightshade, the properties contained within actively react with the chemical compounds within your body, literally poisoning your heart, lungs and blood whenever you consume them. Now if you think that the tobacco that you smoke in your cigarettes is made up of between 0.6% and 3% nicotine, you’ll begin to understand why smoking has been linked to so many illnesses and medical conditions around the entire globe.

For help with quiting you might want to seek out help at websites like as see what kinds of nicotine replacement therapy are available on the market like ecigarettes, nicotine gums and patches.

Update 28 June

Some more reasons to quit smoking:


Some health benefits of ecigarettes are that our heart and lungs will  be affected by smoking cigarettes, probably more so than your other organs but this doesn’t see to be so with ecigs. Your lungs will begin to absorb so much nicotine from the tobacco that they’ll start to blacken and shrink in size, lowering the amount of air that you can breathe in and hold before breathing out. This can lead to shortness of breath which will lead to less oxygen being pumped around your body by your heart. This will cause your heart to struggle to supply fresh blood to all of the parts of your body which can then lead to a whole host of new medical issues. As you can see a vicious cycle is created by smoking and it’s something that you willingly get caught up in every time you light up a cigarette.

This leads us nicely into the next point; most people aren’t really aware of what smoking does to their bodies. Of course you know that it affects your lungs and that it’s bad for your health in general, but it’s so easy to light a cigarette and just enjoy the relaxing effects of the tobacco that the real effects are often not fully understood by those who smoke. The reality of this ignorance is that if most people don’t know what it does to their own bodies, how can they understand what the smoke will do to the people around them?

As impossible as it seems the results are actually very similar between the two, the main difference only being the method of inhalation; where a smoker will directly ingest the properties of the cigarette, a victim of second hand smoke (otherwise known as SHS) will breathe the smoke in unintentionally. Both methods cause the toxins to be absorbed by the body and it’s this that makes the consequences of SHS almost identical to actually smoking. To back this fact up, did you know that SHS was directly linked to the cause of heart disease and lung cancer in adult non-smokers during a 1998 survey? If you look at the statistics they are fairly brutal, but sometimes they need to be fully understood to appreciate the gravity of the consequences of smoking. If you live in Australia you can check out ways to quit at or check out alternatives to smoking such as ecigarettes at